The National Leadership Association for Young Black Men and Women

Every person should be able to fulfil their potential at work, regardless of their background, identity or circumstance. But we know that isn’t the case currently. Black and minority ethnic (BME) individuals in the UK are both less likely to get in and get on in the workplace compared with their white counterparts. One in eight of the working-age population is from a BME background, yet they occupy only one in sixteen of top management positions. You just have to look at the make-up of UK boards to know there’s a significant problem with racial inequality”. 

Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE

About Us

Aimed, primarily at professional black men and women in their twenties and thirties, the National Leadership Association as three main aims:

1. Personal advancement 

Encouraging and supporting the advancement of young black professionals to positions of board directors, CEOs, senior leaders, middle leaders and managers.

2. Impacting on society

Equipping young black professionals with the tools to positively impact their workplace and society at large

3. Future leaders

Building the talent pipeline of the current and next generation of Black leaders.

Leadership Training Courses

Our leadership training courses equips young black professionals with the skills and competences to be effective leaders


Some of the unique features of our training courses is that they are of cultural relevance and    draw on  invaluable  biblical principles of leadership.

We provide training in all levels of leadership: Governance, Executive leadership, Middle leadership and Management

Leadership Conferences

Our leadership conferences provide a unique opportunity for young black leaders to hear from successful leaders, gain invaluable insight into their experiences, and provide networking opportunities for our delegates.

Our conferences aim to open channels of opportunity for delegates to connect with likeminded professionals and form supportive networks.

This simulate fresh thinking and fine-tune delegates leadership agenda and allow for further opportunities to attend workshops which are most relevant to them. 

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