Over the years, Excell3 have impacted the lives of thousands of students and parents across the nation. Here are a few testimonials from the journeys we have impacted.


Apex reinforced the notice to my son, John, that he can achieve anything he dreams of

Dear Apex Universities Programme,

We are very pleased to tell you that John Murray passed his A Levels and had good enough marks to get into Sussex University. He finished La Swap college with two Cs in French and History and a B in English Literature. John also received a special Award for Resilience from the school at the Awards Ceremony, to complement his previous awards for Pupil of the Year and Award for

Outstanding Achievement. He is going to do a foundation year, and then go onto do a double honours in History and French, with an optional year in Toulouse. He will move into digs on the 15th, and is looking forward to his independence. John received good support from the Apex Programme and as parents we were happy that the Programme focused on John’s strengths, instead of his disabilities. John wants to thank Sean Deer for his continuing support and encouragement and for his belief that John would succeed. It has been a very hard journey for John, who attended a mainstream school, because of the confusion around his support needs and the social isolation he suffered; but every time he went to the Apex days, Sean and his colleagues were always welcoming and made him feel that he could achieve. Sean also spent time to go through John’s career choices after completing a preferences questionnaire, which again focused John on his future and opportunities, rather than on the life circumstances which had been holding him back.”

“Apex reinforced the notion that he can achieve anything he dreams of.”

“The Apex programme has helped our son consider and discuss his attainment. It has run sessions that have enabled our son to meet pupils from across the UK, who are from different backgrounds and reinforced the notion that he can achieve anything he dreams of, given the appropriate level of effort and support. He returns from these sessions enthusiastic and empowered. We will certainly continue to take advantage of any future sessions that the programme will be offering.

Positive mediation outcome between pupil, parent and school

Excell3 responded to a request from a primary school for Excell3 to act as a mediator between the school and a parent regarding a boy’s behaviour. The school faced major challenges with a boy who was regularly late for school and displayed aggressive behaviour towards other pupils and staff. The school had tried to engage with the boy’s parent but had been unsuccessful in its attempts. However, Excell3’s mediator was able to engage the parent and together they developed a strategy to address the issue. As a result of the mediation intervention, the boy was able to remain in school and successfully finish his primary school education with a more positive school report.

I Feel Empowered after attending the Parents Training Course.

I sent my son Delaney to an Excell3 project because he was always in trouble at school for one thing or another. I was constantly called to the school to discuss my sons continuous misbehaviour. However, I was concerned that the emphasis was always on Delaney’s behaviour and very rarely about his education. I desperately wanted my child to succeed; however previous to the course I felt powerless. The Parents training course which I attended was really useful, as it helped me to understand the current school system and how I could navigate my way around the system. I also found it useful to explore the different ways I could support my son’s education and work more effectively with his school. I have now developed a more positive working relationship with the school. I am now proactive rather than reactive. Now I spend less time talking to teachers about Delaney’s behaviour and more time about his academic work. Delaney is still not a saint, however, his behaviour has undoubtedly improved. With the training we have both received, my son has become more focused and his school work has improved significantly”.

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