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Literacy is a core skill that all children must effectively develop if they are to fully access the curriculum. In every subject children will have to read, answer questions, spell correctly and comprehend the questions that they are asked.

If we consider maths, in an exam the questions would be structured into sentences and scenarios, such as ‘If Molly had three apples and David had four, how many apples do they have in total?’ If a child cannot read this, they will struggle to succeed in maths. It is essential that all children have good English skills to enable them to express themselves clearly, show a varied vocabulary and demonstrate their intelligence. Comprehension, reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar are skills best learnt when young, as they enable children to work faster, enjoy the work that they are doing and achieve good results.

In many countries throughout the world, however, boys, in particular, are lagging behind in this vitally important subject matter. World of Worlds, an online literacy resource aimed at children aged 7-11, helps to provide a solution as it has been designed to help to raise the literacy standards of children, especially boys. The programme has been designed by educational specialists in consultation with children, parents & teachers.

This project is a social enterprise project of Excell3 enterprises which helps to support the work of the charity.

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