Raising the academic and social aspirations and achievement of black boys

The National Black Boys Can Academy

Black Boys

Empowering black boys to soar to success  

About Us

The National Black Boys Can Academy, otherwise known to many as Black Boys Can, has been operating since 1999. We are one of oldest specialist educational projects for black boys in the UK.

Statistics show, Black Boys still remain one of the lowest achieving groups of pupils in the UK. Some of the long-term impacts of educational failings, are being under-represented in further and higher education, over re-presented in prison, and unemployment. We aim to help change those statistics.

Our programmes are designed to raise the social and academic aspirations and achievement of black boys between the ages of 9-16.

Parents & Carers

Up-skilling parents to provide effective support for their children.

Parents, as co-educators of their children, have an essential role to play in the success of their children.  The National Black Boys Academy is committed to  supporting parents to enable them to be effective in their role though the provision of  parental training courses, seminars and conferences.

Active Citizenship

Get involved  – ‘give back ’ to the community

Since 1999 we have been empowering local communities to develop projects and training courses to support black boys in their local community.

We remain committed to supporting local communities to doing this, but instead of operating a formal community franchise structure, as we did in previous years, we now support projects through a less formal, more flexible model, which allows local communities to design projects tailored to meet their local needs and circumstances. 

We run periodic webinars to help individuals or groups get started.  For further details please contact us.

Educational Institutions

Working in partnership with schools, colleges and universities

Over 21 years, we have engaged, collaborated and networked with a range of educational establishments and delivered, in partnership a range of initiatives, for example:

  • We hosted a joint School Leadership conference in conjunction with the National Union of Teachers
  • We ran a Parenting Black teenaged Boys Programme commissioned by Brent Local Authorities to deliver citywide projects)
  • We ran for 3+ years, a Merton Schools Black  Boys Can Project, commissioned by Merton LA)
  • We have facilitated numerous maintain school based programmes
  • We ran the Oxford University Black Boys Can project in partnership with the University of Oxford.

If you are an educational institution and wish to discuss our service offerings please contact us.