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Welcome to Excell3 a national educational charity founded in 1999. Our mission is to transform young peoples lives through education, training, and development.

We aim to raise the academic achievements and aspirations of pupils, from areas of socioeconomic disadvantage, to break the cycle of underachievement.

Our unique and unparalleled holistic strategy engages the participation of all the major stakeholders – pupils, parents, community groups and mainstream education.

We ensure that our intervention has the greatest impact and are proud to boast that we achieve positive outcomes for young people.

Excell3 – Building on our success

  • To date we have supported well over 10,000 children and young people.
  • We have contributed to mainstream and grassroots publications including The Break- through Britain report, the International Handbook of Black Community Mental Health, the Conservative Party’s Green school’s policy paper, ‘Raising the Bar, and Closing the gap’
  • Participated in various National think tanks such as the DFE’s School Exclusion Working Group, the Centre for Social Justice’s educational failure policy group, the Government, Reach Project.
  • Attended prestigious events such as the Queen garden party, the Prime Ministers’ reception at the 10 Downing Street
  • Been afforded the opportunity to present the work of Black Boys Can at the House of Lords at a cross party event to 100 MP’s

Excell3 – Building on the past, shaping the future

We are honoured that most of the leadership roles within Excell3 are now occupied by Excell3 alumni’s. The three core projects of Excell3 are governed by subcommittees of Young people and chaired by alumni’s of Excell3’s Black Boys Can or Apex University’s Programme.

 Many of the students who have completed our programmes are now highly successful young professionals having obtained bachelors, masters and even doctorate degrees. They enjoy a wide range of careers including lawyers, doctors, engineers, business, clergy, and other senior roles in industry. 

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New charities originating from Excell3

Excell3 is proud to be the founding charity of two new educational charities

Both King Solomon International Business School (officially known as Excell3 Independent Schools) and The Amos Bursary, are budding charities that have been nurtured inside of Excell3, until they became successful independent charities.

King Solomon International Business School

King Solomon International Business School, based in Birmingham, is an all through (4-18) faith designated Christian school established since 2015. The school aims to achieve education excellence, develop students with exemplary character, prepare students to effectively live, work and trade in the global economy and ensure all students succeed.

The Amos Bursary

The Amos Bursary, based in London, helps talented African and Caribbean heritage YR 12 students from challenging environments who attend state schools, fulfil their academic potential, attend top universities, secure good professional jobs and give back to society.

Coming Soon

Excell3 is currently working in partnership with a London based organisation to establish an exciting new charity. Further details will be provided in due course


Since our launch in 1999, Excell3 has developed a range of effective relationships and partnerships across the nation and worldwide.

We rely on and appreciate individuals, foundations, and corporate contributions who continue to help us to develop our work in the community and to achieve our enterprising mission of transforming lives through education, training and development.