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National Black Boys Can Academy

Age Range: 9 - 16

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The Apex Universities Programme

Age Range: 14 -18

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The National Leadership Association for Young Black Men and Women

Age Range: 21 - 39

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About Excell3

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Excell3, a national educational charity established in 1999, is strongly committed to transforming the lives of less advantaged children and young people through education, training, and development.  

Over the last two decades we have supported over 10,000 children and young people and we are continuing to build on the successes of many of our programmes.  Our Apex Universities Programme equips youths, aged 14 -18 who are underrepresented in university, particularly those with no family history of university, to access universities especially top universities.  Our Black Boys Can projects raises the academic and social aspirations and achievements of black boys.

Dr Cheron Byfield BA (Hons) MSc MBA (dist) Dphil (Oxon) FInstLM

Our newest project, the National Leadership Association for Young Black Men and Women, provides a unique platform for young black professionals to develop and hone their leadership skills to enable them to take up more leadership roles in society. It will support them in navigating their way through challenges that they face, to enable them to become great leaders.  We are delighted that some of these successful young professionals who have benefitted from our programmes during their childhood, are now giving back to Excell3,  serving in various leadership roles and making a difference to the lives of the next generation.

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